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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! So I have this hot pink outfit with a navy blue contrast, it has silver embroidery like rhinestones/gems I was wondering what kind of eye makeup I should do?:)
world-of-makeup world-of-makeup Said:

Hii! Your dress has a lot of contrast between itself (hot pink/navy blue), so therefore i would not recommend having a lot of bright makeup. :)

Here are some ideas:

^A natural look, with a bit of eyeshadow and eyeliner will outline your eyes and at the same time your makeup won’t be too overpowering. I would suggest using a pale pink lipstick for this C:

^This will go with the colour scheme and will match the hot pink part of your dress. It is not too bright so it is okay to use this kind of design. Also, if you will be using pink eyeshadow, make sure that the powder does not fall below your eyes. Go for a beige lipstick with this look :P

~Ksenia <3

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