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Hi! This is a blog dedicated to makeup! :) My name is Ksenia and I am 18. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, IG: Xeniverse C:

I recently purchased the Naked pallet, do you have any suggestions for "every-day" looks you can create with it?
world-of-makeup world-of-makeup Said:

Hii! Sorry for not answering your question for quite some time now, was kind of busy with my IGCSE’s and I only had time to reblog posts. :/

Here are some ideaass: 

^This looks really fresh, and will give you a nice option to experiment with your lipsticks and lipglosses, so that means that you can use nearly any lipstick/lipgloss, depending on how your outfit. C:

^This is a more visible makeup look compared to the last one, also can be used with nearly any lipstick/lipgloss composition. :)

^This is another bright-ish look you can achieve with the Naked palette. I would love to wear this during summer, due to the golden-esque shimmer this look is giving out. :D I suggest using a nude lipstick for this look.

Hope this helps

~Ksenia <3

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