World Of Makeup

Hi! This is a blog dedicated to makeup! :) My name is Ksenia and I am 18. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, IG: Xeniverse C:

Hi everyone! Soo, I decided to play a promo game! Here are the rules:

Submit any makeup photo, such as a picture of a certain lipgloss or a makeup look (Those are just examples!).

If that is a photo that I haven’t seen before and I like it, you will go into a group of so called Pre-Winners. (Higher chance of getting into a group if you submit your own photo, preferably good quality) 

Then, I will announce all the Pre-Winners in one post (That means that all the Pre-Winners will get a promo!) and slowly start posting their submissions,slowly going to the submission which got first place. 

I will only post your submission IF you made it into the Pre-Winners group.

On your submission, you can write anything, including your tumblr name and such :D


1st Place: PERMANENT place on the ~Promo Page, and 3 separate promos throughout the day! (As well as the Pre-Winners Promo)

2nd Place: 2 promos throughout the day! (As well as the Pre-Winners Promo)

3rd Place: A single promo! (As well as the Pre-Winners Promo)

The game ends in 1-2 days, depending on how many submissions I get. 

Good luck!

~Ksenia <3

P.s. Can submit maximum 5 photos :P