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Hi! This is a blog dedicated to makeup! :) My name is Ksenia and I am 18. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, IG: Xeniverse C:

Asker preanka Asks:
Hi world of Makeup im Preanka from NY and im new on tumblr. u have a really great blog so i was wondering if u could help me (",) i really need some tips on how to run a successful blog <3 please help <3 how can i get followers? and please would u follow my blog? i would really appreciate it <3
world-of-makeup world-of-makeup Said:

Hiii Preanka! :D

I guess in order to run a successful blog you have to get the word out about your blog, because your blog is actually really nice! I also think that you should try to get your followers more involved in the blog, for example, by doing BOTW or just playing any games with them :D

Hope this helps,


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