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This is my own photograph. Please don’t steal or reproduce. Thanks!! :)


This is my own photograph. Please don’t steal or reproduce. Thanks!! :)

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Dissapointing Products Review

Hello guys! In this post I’m gonna be talking about several products that I bought, and they turned out to be such disappointments to me.

First, I have a lip product from Revlon. It is a liquid lipstick from their colorstay line. I have to admit I was really shocked that I dislike this product, because I really love Revlon’s colorstay products such as their foundation and eyeshadow palette. The shade that I have is in Prized Peach. As you can see from the swatch, it has a really pretty peach color with a little shimmer. The texture of this lipstick is really smooth, almost too smooth actually. When you apply it on your lip, you can feel its smoothness. But, within the next minute, it will dry out and can be really sticky in your lips, and when you blot your lip, the lipstick will get all flaky and believe it, it ain’t look pretty.

Next, I have a face product from Benefit. It’s called Dr Feelgood. I believe it is a face balm with vitamin C, that’s supposed to smoothens your skin, and give flawless touch. The person that helped me when I bought this product told me that it also works as face primer, that you apply on your face before putting on makeup. I did that, and what it did were destroying my makeup. After applying the product, my face got all really dry and flaky, and my makeup just wouldn’t sit still on my face above this product. Not to mention that it has really really weird smell.

Moving on to eye products, I have a couple of mascaras, one from Maybelline and the other is from Revlon. The Maybelline one is the Mega Plush one. I heard that this is a gel-based mascara, and it really makes your lashes thick and long. I did not even experience that part, because this mascara came with a wand that is so bendy, too bendy that when you apply it, it ruins your eye makeup. It gets your lids all black and messy. The Revlon on is called Grow Luscious, and it’s supposed to enhance the growth of your lashes. This mascara come with a wide, regular brush, however, it really doesn’t stay long and will fall out to your face. Honestly, after having bad experiences with both mascaras, I’ve never wear them again I’m thinking of throwing them away.

Another face product is the L’oreal True Match Lumi foundation. If you read my earlier post, there is not secret that I really do not like this foundation. It gives the worst coverage ever, and it smells like paint and it’s really sticky on your face.

For the last product, I have another face product, and it is from Maybelline. It is their Dream Bouncy Blush. It has really unique texture. It is really soft and smooth, but the color just doesn’t show on your skin. I tried to rub it on my finger, and they just won’t come out. When you apply it to your face with a blush brush, you really need a lot of product in order to make it show. And, they just won’t stay on your skin.

So, those are all the products that I dislike. I really hope this post is helpful for you guys and gals! xx Kath